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The panzers carousel volume 1

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The panzers carousel volume 1

At the beginning of June 1940, the French Army was able to reconstruct a continuous front along the Somme and the Aisne. Unfortunately, its starving numbers only allowed it to occupy the villages transformed into closed support points, the intervals being little defended. Weygand hopes that this weak mechanism will give him the ten days he considers necessary to constitute a more extensive defensive organization but the Werhmacht will decide otherwise by launching the second phase of operations in the morning of June 5.

Throwing themselves through what they call "the Weygand line", the Germans who have an overwhelming numerical, mechanical and aerial superiority, overflow the fulcrums, surround them and reduce them one by one. Due to the determination of the defenders who according to Weygand's security forces "cling to the soil of France", these operations will be particularly costly on both sides, in particular for the Panzerdivisionen who will leave during these fights a lot of their tank on the ground.

It is Weygand himself who will give the order to withdraw to exhausted men who will therefore have to lead a dramatic race with the Panzers to try to win the Seine and the Marne, fighting during the day and walking at night.

On the evening of June 12, the Germans were already masters of the new line of defense fixed by the command, thus putting an end to all organized resistance and opening by the same routes to the center of France.

It is these pathetic days during which the French divisions sacrificed themselves in a struggle whose outcome was beyond doubt, which this work proposes to relate, day by day.

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