Museum of the Armored

Presentation of the association

Presentation of the Association of Armored Museums

Since the Armored Museum was originally a military institution, its public activity is administered by an association. 1901 Law: The Association of Friends of the Armored Museum.

Since 1984, recognized public utility, it receives subsidies from the Ministry of Defense and Local Government. Through performances for the benefit of municipalities, historical reconstructions, participations in "commercials" or film shoots, it promotes the Museum of the Armored and allows it to live and progress. It is enriched each year with additional members and hopes to count you among its members soon! Today, it is composed of more than 1200 members. It also manages the entrances, the shop and the outdoor activities of the museum materials.

In addition to its twice-yearly bulletin, the Friends of the Armor Museum publishes publications on certain vehicles and important historical periods.

You can register for the association by filling out the Registration Form and by addressing it to us.