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Exposure: 1917, Shock and Fire

13/04/2017 jusqu'au 11/11/2017

Posted on 05 April 2017, in News, Upcoming

Exposure: 1917, Shock and Fire

Exhibition of 13 April to 11 November 2017

Appearance of armored vehicles on the western front

The Musée des Blindés presents an exhibition devoted to the genesis of the first tanks and the first battles.

The purpose of this exhibition is to commemorate the centenary of the first "tanks" used by the French army during the second year of the First World War.

The two unique examples of the French armored vehicles manufactured in 1916 will be exhibited, restored for this occasion thanks to a national subscription.

A journey will reveal the reasons for the creation of these new materials and their use in combat. This new invention revolutionized the art of war in the twentieth century.

We inform you that the Saint-Chamond and the Schneider will be absent from the 17 exhibition at 24 May 2017. Saint-Chamond will also be absent from the 22 at 27 June 2017.