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Help us make it roar again!

Posted on 04 December 2023, in News, Agenda

Help us make it roar again!


The museum has one of the last original Tigers in the world, and the only complete and authentic one including its precious engine block. You can admire it at the museum in the temporary exhibition “The Tiger with an Open Heart”

Produced in the final hours of the war by Germany, this very young Tiger showed its claws during the famous Battle of Normandy. As he fled the encirclement of the Falaise Pocket, he collided with another Tiger at full speed. Stopped by the shock, the crew was partly taken prisoner and the Tiger 114 was abandoned on the side of the road. He was then recovered by French resistance fighters and participated in the liberation of France and even the occupation of Germany, in a sort of historical "return to the sender".

After having served longer under the French colors than under the German colors, under the name of Bretagne then Colmar, he is the last Tiger to see active service. But his career did not end with the dissolution of his unit. It continues its life as a “laboratory tank”, where it is carefully studied and tested to allow French engineers to catch up with the technological delay accumulated during the four long years of occupation. 
Repatriated to France after these tests, our Tiger fell asleep in Satory, near Paris, where it was stored in the open air then in a hangar. Spotted by the founder of the Musée des Blindés, Michel Aubry, it was obviously one of the first tanks to be sheltered with all the respect due to a valiant fighter of the Nation.

Today the museum wants to put it back into working order like many vehicles in its collection. A historical, scientific and memorial project which requires 150 euros. A participatory fundraising campaign was launched with great contributions for generous donors.


You too make the Tiger I roar with pleasure: Give!

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