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44 Memory

44 Memory

Mémoire 44 is a board game intended to pass on to younger generations the memory of the events of the 1944 landings and the Liberation of France. Omaha Beach, Pegasus Bridge, Sainte Mère-Église, the Vercors maquis, the Liberation of Paris ... Replay 15 famous battles that made the history of the 20th century!

Very easy to learn, fast (30 minutes), Memory 44 offers a great diversity of scenarios through fifteen battles faithfully reproducing the historical context. Playful, educational and entertaining, Memory 44 brings together all generations around the table. With more than 180 gorgeous figures, Memory 44 is a luxurious game where strategy, daring and courage will be the best allies of the general you embody. Victory will depend on your ability to deploy your forces with command cards and to make the best use of your unit's characteristics (infantry, paratroopers, tanks, artillery and resisters).

Our Players Age Duration
2> 8 * per team 8 years and + 30-60 minutes

What's in the Box :

- 1 large format recto / verso
- 144 figurines of tanks, soldiers and artillery
- 36 obstacle figurines
- 44 plots of land
- 60 command cards
- 8 Special Dices
- 2 card holders
- 1 rules and scenarios booklet
- 1 number of Days of Wonder to play online