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The battle of Abbeville

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The battle of Abbeville

The chronicle of the journey of the company of horse-drawn infantry cannons of the famous "List" Regiment, which distinguished itself in 1914 and was also the regiment of a certain Adolf Hitler.

Day after day, we follow this unit, from the Rhineland to Normandy, passing through Saint-Quantin, Amiens, Le Havre, Rouen and Giberville, near Caen.

Day after day, we share the daily life of these infantrymen, the difficult conditions of this journey which leads them to the heart of the battle of Abbeville, during which the 57th Bavarian infantry division confronts the 4th Battleship Division. Colonel De Gaulle, then the 2nd BCR ... Faced with hundreds of armored vehicles, the 13th company resisted for long days until the final success.

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