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Army of Shadows Volume 1


Army of Shadows Volume 1

Autumn 1942. Incorporated into the army of the Great Reich, Ernst Kessler, a young man of 19 dreaming of adventure, wants above all to prove to his brothers in arms that he is worthy to wear the uniform of the Wehrmacht like so many before him.

The propaganda having done its job well, he and his comrades dream of only one thing: to cover themselves with honors and glory in the image of these "heroes" of the Eastern Front ...

This saga is in 4 volumes. The other volumes are also available, here is the detail of the shipping costs:

1 volume: € 7.80 by colissimo or 5.35 Mondial Relay

 2 or 3 volumes € 8,60 by Colissimo or € 6.05 Mondial Relay

4 volumes € 9.50 by Colissimo or € 6.95 Mondial Relay

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