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1918 from the tragic spring to the armistice

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1918 from the tragic spring to the armistice

February 1918, Russia is devastated and the Germans will then be able to exploit, both their numerical superiority, and new combat techniques combining assault troops and artillery ...

French and English, exhausted in vain offensives, intensify the production of trucks, guns, tanks and planes and resist in extremis the three German offensives of the spring.

Foch was appointed head of the Allied armies, but it was the application of Pétain's directive n ° 4, an original defensive tactic, that defeated the Germans in June and July 1918.

From mid-July Foch, helped by the arrival of the Americans, launched frontal offensives which forced the Germans, undermined by the maritime blockade, to withdraw ... In September, from Salonika, Franchet d'Espèrey definitively shook the alliance of central powers ...

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