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1917: French tanks come out of the trenches

Posted on 07 August 2015, in News, restorations

1917: French tanks come out of the trenches

As part of the commemorations of the First World War, the Saumur Armored Museum, in association with the Ministry of Defense, launched a project to renovate French tanks that participated in the conflict.

The objective is to put the first tanks developed in France back to working order, 3 of which are still in our possession, and then to have them participate in various ceremonies in 2017 and 2018. Indeed, 2017 will mark the centenary of the first tank combat. French in Berry-au-Bac. You can take part in this renovation project!

Do you want to revive the memory of those who defended France and pay them tribute? Participate in a technical renovation company and SUPPORT THIS PROJECT by MAKING A DONATION (tax deductible donations).