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The AMX 30

The AMX 30

The birth of the AMX-30 tank goes back to 1956, when a working group of French, German and Italian experts is working out the specifications of a European medium tank to replace the original US 47. The first prototypes are delivered in 1960 and, despite the halting of the international collaboration in 1963, mass production is launched to equip the French army.

Designed by Issy-les-Moulineaux Construction Workshops (AMX), the AMX-30 is an assembly of cast and wrought steel, the turret is cast in one piece. The crew consists of 4 men. The pilot is seated at the left front of the chassis, the 3 other crew members (the tank commander and the shooter on the right, the shipper on the left) are installed in the turret.

amx30 2

The AMX 30 is commissioned from 1967. The first regiment to be equipped with it was the 503e regiment of combat tanks at Mourmelon, followed by the 501e at Rambouillet. The regiments stationed in Germany are equipped with the following series from the Roanne workshops.