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The tank Hotchkiss H 39

The tank Hotchkiss H 39

The Hotchkiss H 39 is a small vehicle, 4,22 meters long, 1,95 wide and 2,15 high.

Its body consists of six cast steel parts, which are bolted together. The engine floor and the engine compartment form the bottom of the vehicle, and four parts for the top: one at the front, one at the rear and two at the side.

The use of cast steel makes it possible to have an inclined shielding avoiding the shell traps and to maximize the chances of deflection of a projectile.

Though good for the time, the protection did not satisfy the infantry officials, the maximum thickness being 34 millimeters, against the 40 requested, plus there were many problems regarding the quality of it, inter alia, due to the high degree of subcontracting.

At first too soft, the steel was then hardened, but became friable and charged with bubbles, bubbles which constituted so many weak points.