Museum of the Armored

1ère World War

1ère World War

In the tank room of the 1World War one discovers the ancestors, the first three French tanks of the 14-18 war.

Heirs of the Artillery, they allowed the Infantry to pierce the opposing defenses and ensure the exploitation until the victory.

This room contains among others:

- The St Chamond tank
- The Renault FT
- The char schneider CA-1
- Renault Truck


  • The Renault FT-17

    Analyzing the failure of heavy tanks, General Estienne imagines a small tracked machine, light, relatively agile and easy to build. The Renault FT 17 became operational in the summer of 1918, just in time to play a decisive role in the final victory. - Weight: 7 tons - Power: 35 HP - Speed ​​7,5 km / h over 35 km - Armor: 22 mm. 4000 ...

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  • The Schneider tank

    First French assault tank, designed by Colonel Estienne, it was built by Schneider. His mission was to open the way for the infantry by crushing the barbed wire and bringing him the support of his arms. A spur in the front and a tail in the back made it easier for him to cross the trenches. The tracked chassis was - as for the Saint Chamond one ...

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  • The St-Chamond tank

    An official counter foot on the initiative of Colonel Estienne, this tank also bears the name of its constructor. Better armed - a long barrel of 75 mm - and a much more sophisticated mechanical design, it had to be much superior to its "competitor". A heat engine powered a generator which, in turn, supplied power to two electric motors, one by one.

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