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Armored, History and Strategy 2018

06/10/2018 jusqu'au 07/10/2018

Posted on 26 September 2018, in News, Agenda

Armored, History and Strategy 2018

Armored, History and Strategy

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October 2018

from 10AM to 18PM



The story is replayed at the Armor Museum!

On two days, the 6 and 7 next October, dozens of players of game board associations are invited in our walls around parties restoring the battles of the past. This event, which takes place every year, is an opportunity to make history live differently, at the foot of the witnesses who are the armored of our museum.

The time of a game, the player becomes a general capable of changing the course of history. These "wargames" have different levels of complexity, and, depending on the game, different scales: a figure can represent a soldier or an entire regiment.

Players are also often modelers: each soldier, each vehicle is the subject of great attention to be faithful to uniforms, weapons and sometimes to the insignia of the armies of the past. Whole battlefields can be restored, with trees, house, land ...

Attend or participate in battles!

The associations propose:

  • to attend tournaments, where their seasoned members will compete,
  • to be introduced to various games in demonstration, being guided by players of associations participating in the event.

These games are for teens, young adults and adults.

This year, 80 players will present their games and strategies around 68 tables in three rooms of the museum.

Several centuries of history will be represented, from antiquity to World War II. Some games even offer clashes between armies of different periods: what would have happened in case of meeting between for example a Roman army and an army of a lord of the Middle Ages?

Games: Bolt Action, 44 Memory, Mortam in Glory, Art of War, Field of Glory.

Useful information :

The museum will be open from 10h to 18h.

The event will be accessible at usual entrance fee