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Paris 1919

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Paris 1919

Can you win the peace?

The First World War is finally over. You are called to represent your country and to negotiate a treaty conducive to the establishment of an equitable and lasting peace ... But each has national objectives, often contradictory with those of other States, enemies or former allies! Will you be able to build the peace of tomorrow while preserving your national interests?

Paris 1919 is a game of diplomacy that will plunge you into the heart of one of the major events of modern history: you will participate in the negotiations of the Treaty of Versailles which sealed the fate of Europe.

As a diplomat from one of the 10 countries in the game, you will have 4 turns to negotiate and achieve your objectives: land gains, financial repairs or the functioning of the future League of Nations ... It's up to you to maneuver as accurately as possible. your interests and make the necessary concessions to gain support from other players when voting! Negotiate, listen, be convincing or bluff ...

It's up to you to win the peace!

Technical specifications
Box containing 1 rulebook; 1 historical booklet; 1 game board; historical records; 48 event and vote tiles; 210 tokens, anger, ingots and draw, 2 player aids