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Objective Saint-Lô 7 June - 18 July 1944

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Objective Saint-Lô 7 June - 18 July 1944

This book follows quantitatively-two days of combat, from the beaches of Omaha Beach to Saint-Lô. We follow Lieutenant Allsup from the beaches to 108, the "bloody hill" where he will be wounded but also Lieutenant Jones who will be among the first to enter St. Lô, crush by bombs and which will become the tomb of hundreds of Normans. We also follow their opponents, the formidable "green devils", the German paratroopers of General Schimpf, in the footsteps of the paratroopers Erwin Schmieger and Rudi Frühbeisser, through a bocage, a veritable green hell that they transform into an entrenched camp where each hedge be taken at a high price

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