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The Saint Chamond tank remodeling project: progress of work

Posted on 23 May 2016, in News, restorations

The project is proceeding according to plan. Technical studies are completed.

The delicate issues solved:
• Tank size vs range vs engine cooling:
o The original 70ltrs tank was mounted under the group and therefore it would have hindered the engine cooling. An 40ltrs tank was fitted to the generator instead of the control console which will be on its side mounted on the right side of the body.
• The connecting gear between the new electric motors and the original crowns:
o Manufacture of a specific gear
o Manufacture of a support for the new engines (see photos below).
• The arrangement of the electrical boxes of the new elements (inverters, braking resistors, generator control panel) with a problem that combines functional needs (in particular safety), ergonomics and the existing layout.
• Installation of parking brakes:
o disc brakes on new engines
o Implementation via the lever and the linkage of origins


The new implantation (without scale):



Adaptation of the generator:

  • New tank



  • Remote generating set control panel:

Restoration 01


  • Integration of the parking brake system:

Each motor is equipped with a disk brake mounted on the motor shaft mounted after the pinion.

1. Brake: disc and jaw

2. Pinion

3. Engine support

restoration 02


The brakes come from a Renault Scénic.
The new brakes will be applied from the front cockpit with the lever and the linkage of origins.