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1917: French tanks come out of the trenches

Posted on 07 August 2015, in Latest News, restorations

1917: French tanks come out of the trenches

As part of the commemorations of the First World War, the Saumur Armored Museum, in association with the Ministry of Defense, launched a project to renovate French tanks that participated in the conflict.

The objective is to rehabilitate the first tanks developed in France, of which 3 are still in our possession then to participate in various ceremonies in 2017 and 2018. Indeed, 2017 will mark the centenary of the first French armored fight in Berry-au-Bac. You can take part in this renovation project!

You wish to rekindle the memory of those who defended France and pay homage to them? Participate in a technical renovation and SUPPORT THIS PROJECT by making a DONATION (tax-deductible donations).