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Tiger I in action 1942 - 1945

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Tiger I in action 1942 - 1945

In April 1941, two months before Operation "Barbarossa", Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of a heavy tank armed with a barrel of 88 mm. This tank will become a legend. Dreaded by its adversaries, appreciated by its crews, no military machine left such an impression, even more than 60 years after the end of the conflict. This compilation of the two books published on the Tigre I units on the eastern, western and African fronts includes almost one thousand times, and more than 80 color illustrations by the author: tanks, details of the marks and badges, camouflages of the machines, without forgetting a short history of each unit. This edition has been revised and expanded, with captions completed with dates and locations, new drawings and a chapter on new units.

Known for his collaboration with Militaria and Steelmasters, two magazines published by Histoire & Collections, Jean Restayn is an illustrator specialized in the armored vehicles of the two world conflicts. His knowledge of the use of German tanks, among others, and their tactical marks add to his pictorial talent.

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